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Frédéric Leclercq is best described as ‘multi’-talented. He is a multi-instrumentalist (guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, vocalist), a multi-genre musician (death metal, heavy metal, speed metal, thrash, rock, classical and black metal), multi-lingual (in French, English, German and some dirty words in almost every language), and plays in multi-bands! He is the lead singer and guitarist in Sinsaenum, the former guitarist and frontman of Maladaptive, and former keyboardist and guitarist for French band Heavenly. He has also established himself as an in-demand session player for a variety of live and studio projects.

Fred has played bass in DragonForce since 2005, and recent albums have featured his songwriting as well as his guitar playing. Fred’s talent and passion have added a new dimension to the band’s live and studio work.

Signature Stage Moves
Black metal whisky sculling

Musical Influences
Rock and metal!

ESP FL Bass – Fred Leclercq Signature Model
ESP Arrow Guitar
ESP Sonic the Hedgehog Guitar
ESP Doraemon Guitar
ESP Gundam Guitars

Amplification AND Rig Setup
Peavey Tour 700 Bass Amp
Peavey 810 Bass Cabinets
Line 6 Wireless System