Born in Oxford England, Marc Hudson began his journey as a vocalist when he was 16. He had previously been focussing on becoming a guitarist, when the overwhelming urge to sing made him finally put down the guitar and start focussing on what he loved most. He has been playing guitar and singing in various unsigned metal and rock bands since 2003. As his love of power metal and progressive metal grew, so did his voice. Taking influences from Micheal Kiske and James Labrie to name a few, Marc has been developing his technique of powerful melodic singing to suit the style of music that he enjoys the most.

Known by former band mates as Mr Scream, Marc hopes to put his vocal style to good use in writing the next chapter of the DragonForce story. The key to Marc’s success has been rigorous practice
and determination. Marc has said, “although I’ve now started my journey with DragonForce, things are only going to get better and better… I find new ways to improve my voice every day. The DragonForce fans haven’t seen anything yet, I’m just getting warmed up!”

Musical Influences:
Micheal Kiske, Bruce Dickinson, Sebastian Bach, James Labrie, Ronnie James Dio, Michele Luppi, Roberto Tyranti, Rob Halford, Russel Allen.