Herman Li will be touring China to celebrate his Ibanez EGEN signature guitar’s 10th anniversary!

Ibanez Guitars EGEN 10th Anniversary | 2008 – 2018

October 12th – 15:30
Shanghai – Music China上海国际乐器展览会

October 13th – 19:00
Wuxi – EM7音乐生活家

October 14th – 20:00
Wuhan – 弥迪琴行-L7 Livehouse

October 16th – 19:30
Tianjin – 天津九拍总部 –

October 17th – 19:00
Changchun – 长春博音-音浪Livehouse

October 18th – 19:30
Beijing – 吉他中国/万里长秦城 –

October 21st – 20:00
Shenzhen – 迷笛 Livehouse (MIDI)


Frederic Leclercq’s other band SINSAENUM (featuring Joey Jordison, Sean Zatorsky from NWoAHM titans Dååth and Chimaira, Stéphane Buriez of French death metal veterans Loudblast as well as Heimoth, mastermind of eclectic extremists Seth) released the brand new and critically acclaimed album ‘Repulsion For Humanity’ on August 10th 2018 with Ear Music, and are about to kick off for an extensive European tour this September!

I’ve always been a fan of death metal and wrote some of these songs already in 1998, so it’s something I always wanted to do,” says Fred, who sticks to the guitar on this venture. “There was never the right time though, nor did I find the proper people to pull it off.”

The result of this mighty fusion is the second album titled ‘Repulsion For Humanity’, featuring some head-splitting riffs, challenging rhythms and structures, but at once such an infectious record created by one of the most influencing and incredibly versatile musicians the metal scene has to offer.

We are really excited about this upcoming tour in the fall and we are looking forward to finally being able to meet our fans. Those of you who have already seen us with our other bands know what we are capable of; all these energies combined will be something unique you don’t want to miss! See you all very soon!“ – Joey, Steph, Heimoth, Sean, Fred.

Starting on September 28th with shows in France, continuing their run all over Germany, Poland, Italy, Scandinavia, BeNeLux and many more European hot spots with a final show in Helsinki a month later, before embarking for Russia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Japan, Australia and finally Nez Zealand.

Get your ticket today and catch this unique all-star death metal band live on the following dates:

28.09.18 FR St. Brieuc / La Citrouille, with HateSphere + T.A.N.K.
29.09.18 FR Paris / Flow, with HateSphere + T.A.N.K.
30.09.18 FR Reims / La Cartonnerie, with HateSphere + T.A.N.K.
01.10.18 LUX Esch Sur Alzette / Kulturfabrik, with HateSphere + T.A.N.K.
03.10.18 DE Hamburg / Knust, with HateSphere + Critical Mess
04.10.18 DE Hannover / Musikzentrum, with HateSphere + Critical Mess
05.10.18 DE Berlin / Lido, with HateSphere + Critical Mess
06.10.18 PL Warsaw / Proxima, with HateSphere + Critical Mess
07.10.18 CZ Prag / Futurum, with HateSphere + Critical Mess
09.10.18 DE München / Backstage, with HateSphere + Critical Mess
10.10.18 HU Budapest / Dürer Kert, with HateSphere + Critical Mess
11.10.18 AT Wien / Szene, with HateSphere + Critical Mess
12.10.18 CH Zug / Galvanik, with HateSphere + Critical Mess
13.10.18 IT Milano / Legend, with HateSphere + Critical Mess
14.10.18 FR St. Étienne / Le Fil, with HateSphere + Critical Mess
16.10.18 FR Colmar / Grillen, with HateSphere + T.A.N.K.
17.10.18 DE Stuttgart / ClubCANN, with HateSphere + T.A.N.K.
18.10.18 BE Vosselaar / Biebob, with HateSphere + T.A.N.K.
19.10.18 UK London / The Dome, with HateSphere + T.A.N.K.
20.10.18 NL Amstelveen / P60, with HateSphere + T.A.N.K.
21.10.18 DK Kopenhagen / Vega, with HateSphere
22.10.18 SE Göteborg / Sticky Fingers, with HateSphere
23.10.18 NO Oslo / Parkteateret, with HateSphere
24.10.18 SE Stockholm / Klubben, with HateSphere
26.10.18 FI Turku / Apollo, with HateSphere + Mörbid Vomit
27.10.18 FI Tampere / Olympia, with HateSphere + Mörbid Vomit
28.10.18 FI Helsinki / On The Rocks, with HateSphere + Mörbid Vomit
29.10.18 RUS St. Petersburg Club Zal
30.10.18 RUS Moscow Arena
01.11.18 TW Taipei / The Wall
02/11/18 CN Hong Kong / TTN
03/11/18 PHL Manila / Riverside Studios
04/11/18 THA Bangkok /Hollywood Awards
06.11.18 Tue JP Tokyo Club Quattro, with Sigh
08.11.18 AUS Sydney / Factory Theatre, with Bulletbelt, Heathenspawn & Tamerlan Empire
10.11.18 AUS Melbourne / Max Watt’s, with Bulletbelt, Scaphis & Requiem
11.11.18 NZ Auckland Whammy Bar, with BulletBelt
13.11.18 NZ Wellington Valhalla, with BulletBelt


Herman Li of DRAGONFORCE performed the world’s first snorkeling underwater guitar solo on the Full Metal Cruise VII on September 6.

The cruise ship, which set sail on September 2 from Bremerhaven, Germany had to change path and go back around to avoid the storm, just so DRAGONFORCE could perform on the pool deck while all the other bands were moved indoors.

Prior to taking the stage, Li, who previously performed what was at the time believed to be the first-ever underwater guitar solo on the 2015 edition of the Full Metal Cruise, commented: “It’s not a trick that I have practiced for over a year. I tried it in my own pool at home, but that was a year ago, and I haven’t had a chance on this tour to practice it. And the idea came… You know, the underwater guitar solo was cool, but I didn’t play in the water long enough, because there’s only how much long I can hold my breath for. So this time we’re gonna do an underwater snorkeling guitar solo, [where] I’ll play over a minute of a guitar solo in the water, breathing through a snorkel, with just my hands coming above the water, with my special customiSed waterproof guitar that Ibanez Custom Shop built for me.”

Info and tickets for Full Metal Cruise VIII, which sets sail in the Mediterranean Sea in April 2019, can be found here.

DRAGONFORCE has spent the last few months working on material for its next studio album, tentatively due in September 2019. The band has also made a number of European festival appearances this summer, including at the Download festival in the U.K. back in June.

Li recently launched his own Twitch channel where he is giving away his personal Ibanez signature guitars, and will be livestreaming recording sessions of the brand new DRAGONFORCE album.

DRAGONFORCE‘s latest album, “Reaching Into Infinity”, was released in May 2017.


Herman Li and Gee Anzalone are now on Twitch!

Go and follow their official Twitch channel for information on their upcoming streams, including winning Herman’s personal Ibanez EGEN18 signature guitar and much more!


We are confirmed for next year’s Rockharz Open Air 2019 🙂

Ticket link:


DragonForce will be on deck this September. Are you on board?


Re-Powered Within is out today! Get your copy now 🙂


Check out our social media channels for the latest comparison videos and interviews regarding Re-Powered Within!

Pre-Order here!


Originally released in early 2012, the fifth album “The Power Within” by Dragonforce is back as “Re-Powered Within” – completely remastered, remixed and repowered.

Prepared by Damien Rainaud (Fear Factory, Babymetal) at award-winning studio Mix Unlimited, Los Angeles, CA, the Dragonforce classic sounds bigger, better, bolder than ever before.

Says guitarist Herman Li: I love how ‘Re-Powered Within’ has turned out. We remixed and remastered the original music with a more modern production, in the vein of our last two releases. The result is a clearer, more powerful sound. The fans will get to hear the music in better detail, bringing out parts they couldn’t hear so well before, and injecting new excitement into the songs we love even more now.

Combining bombshell hook lines with high speed guitar solos, “Re-Powered Within” contains signature anthems that have gained the band the grand reputation and praise that it is known for today. The new mix and mastering truly serves the album well as “Re-Powered Within” sounds as new and fresh as it never has. The album is also been given a new style with a completely adjusted artwork. Featuring astonishing vocals by then brand new singer Marc Hudson as well as the divine guitar sound provided by Herman Li and Sam Totman, Dragonforce have and always will be a definite Full Force within the scene.

Track list:

1. Holding On
2. Fallen World
3. Cry Thunder
4. Give Me the Night
5. Wings of Liberty
6. Seasons
7. Heart of the Storm
8. Die by the Sword
9. Last Man Stands
10. Seasons (Acoustic Version)
11. Power of the Ninja Sword
12. Heart of the Storm (Alternative Chorus Version)
13. Avant La Tempête (Instrumental)

DragonForce will be playing festivals all over Europe whole summer:

02.06.Fortarock, Nijmegen, (NL)

08.-10.06.Download, Donington (UK)

09.06. – Rockavaria, Munich (GER)

05.-07.07.Helgeåfestivalen, Knislinge (SWE)

14.07.Area 45, Leoben (AUT)

26.07.Fezen Festival, Székesfehérvár (HUN)

03.-04.08.Skogsröjet Festival, Rejmyre (SWE)

08.-10.08.Leyendas del Rock, Villena (ESP)

11.08.Rock Pod Kamenom, Snina, (SK)

17.-18.08.Rock Heart Festival, Moravský Krumlov (CZ)

19.08. – Havana Club, Tel-Aviv (ISR)

24.08. Caret Vert, Charleville-Mézières (FR)

25.08. – Reload Festival, Sulingen (GER)


We will be playing Frederic Leclercq‘s home town, Charleville-Mézières on Friday 24th August 2018. It’s the Cabaret Vert festival in France. 😁