Born in England but moved to New Zealand at an early age, Sam started playing the classical guitar at the age of 9 with formal musical training. A great guitar player with plenty of feelings in both rhythm and leads, complement his remarkable ability in writing extremely catchy songs; a perfect combination! The combination of Sam & Herman, two very different guitar players joining forces in DragonForce, is causing quite a stir in the modern metal scene. Watch out for their hyperactive performances, taking the live stage to another level.

Notable Awards and Achievements
Metal Hammer Golden Gods 2009 – Best Shredder Award
Grammy Awards 2008 – Best Metal Performance “DragonForce” Nomination
Guitar World Reader’s Poll 2007 – Best New Talent (winning by 70%)
Guitar World Reader’s Poll 2007 – Best Metal
Guitar World Reader’s Poll 2007 – Best Riff
Total Guitar Reader’s Poll 2007 – Best Solo “Through the Fire and Flames”
Terrorizer Reader’s Poll 2006 – Best Band “DragonForce”
Terrorizer Reader’s Poll 2006 – Best Live Act “DragonForce”

Musical Influences
Catchiest metal bands on the planet only!
Late 80’s, early 90’s video games music!

Signature Stage Moves
Tornado split jump
Hands free booze drinking

Main Live Equipment
Lots of Booze
Drink Holders

Ibanez STM
DiMarzio® Evolution Pickups
DiMarzio® HLM Pickups

Amplifications, Rig Setup & Misc
Anything Herman recommends!