The Power Within

CD / LP April 2012
Electric Generation Recordings, Essential Music, Roadrunner Records, JVC Victor.
1. Holding On
2. Fallen World
3. Cry Thunder (video)
4. Give Me the Night
5. Wings of Liberty
6. Seasons (video)
7. Heart of the Storm
8. Die By the Sword
9. Last Man Stands
10. Seasons (Acoustic Version)

Digital & Vinyl Version featuring  Bonus Tracks “Cry Thunder (Live Rehearsal)”, “Heart of the Storm (Alternative Chorus Version)” and “Avant La Tempête (Instrumental)”, plus an exclusive box set featuring:

CD Version
Access Code for Bonus Material plus
DragonForce Flag,
DragonForce Flashlight/Bottle Opener,
Set of 6 DragonForce Beer Mats featuring band cartoons by Frédéric Leclercq.

DragonForce Line-up for The Power Within:
Marc Hudson: Lead and backing vocals
Sam Totman: Guitars, backing vocals
Herman Li: Guitars, backing vocals
Frédéric Leclercq: Bass, guitars and backing vocals
Vadim Pruzhanov: Keyboards, piano and backing vocals
Dave Mackintosh: Drums, backing vocals